Author: Jakob

Since 2007 I'm focused on Geography, GIS and remote sensing issues. In 2011 I founded, a german language geoblog. 2012 the blog was merged with and now contains bilingual content. With new ideas and impetus I try to combine GIS-stuff with originary geographic thoughts, also in business projects.

pie charts as point markers

GIS with javascript – tutorial part 1

An article from Anders. Geodata in javascript GeoJSON is the standard way of storing geodata in JSON, javascripts native data format. The wikipedia article has very clear and…

new word-based coordinate system

A few days ago I saw an announcement about what3words, a new startup which claims to have invented the simplest way to communicate a location. This statement forced…

Dataset example

How to organize geodata storage?

In the past I’ve learned one thing: the only chance to do efficient geodata-projects is to have a clean data structure.
In this post I’ll show you some tools and share my thoughts about organizing (geo)data to have more efficient project-workflows. After that I would be very interested in your solutions and approaches to do smart data-projects.