Digital Geography

Create Bounding Boxes without Desktop GIS

Bounding boxes are crucial for a lot of geospatial projects: wether you need to limit the extent of your web mapping application or need to cut your research data to the area of interest, bounding boxes are used everywhere. Here is a nice little tool from Klokantech that helps you generating bounding boxes in a variety of formats in your browser, without even opening your desktop GIS.

ally! What?

Okay I have to confess: I was invited to the beer friday at ally HQ in Berlin Mitte. I liked what I saw there and I also had a nice chat with Uli whom I met during the geo Berlin Meetup for the first time. So let’s have a look at what ally is about.

Short Announcement: Leaflet 1.0

Leaflet is one of a kind in the list of javascript webmapping libraries. It was designed with simplicity, performance and usability in mind. Unfortunately the development seemed to have stopped for a while. This week Vladimir Agafonkin (the creator of Leaflet) released a Beta version of Leaflet 1.0

Macro-Based SE-GPS

When you’re in the field you want to collect as much data as possible using all the expensive and heavy equipment you brought with. For instance, geophysical profiling (e.g. ERT, electrical resistivity tomography; GPR, ground-penetrating radar) provides high-resolution images of the shallow subsurface. Often conspicuous geometries are evidences for changes in the subsurface.

Geotagging Basics with ExifTool

  Why Geotagging? In a recent post, I discussed the new drone that I got for the holidays and a bit about how I was using it for developing map products.  I do this using structure from motion algorithms and when working with a lot of images it is a great help if there is a good initial estimate of the image location.  This is where geotagging comes in. If you have a smartphone, then you are familiar with geotagging.  Most iPhone and Android devices tag their images when they are collected.  That is great if you are uploading to Facebook or Pinterest,…

A Drone for the Holidays

So, by now some of you have opened a holiday gift and it turned out to be a drone.  I was fortunate enough this year to get a 3DR IRIS+ in my stocking.  After a few flights I wanted to put together a quick note comparing this with another popular consumer drone, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ (P2V+).  I have a P2V+ that I use at work and put quite a bit of thought into what I would get for personal use.  Hopefully this will be of use to readers who may be considering the purchase of a drone this year.  Allow me to… bringing Swiss geodata potential to life

A priorized project of eGovernment Switzerland Usage and exchange of geodata is fostered by in a significant way. The Federal geoportal is operated by the Federal Office of Topography, swisstopo, on behalf of the coordinating body for Federal geographical information with the aim to implement the Geoinformation Act. The purpose of this Act is to ensure that geodata relating to the territory of the Swiss Confederation is made available to the Federal, Cantonal and municipal authorities, to industry and commerce, to academic and scientific institutions and to society at large, for the broadest possible use, in a sustainable, up-to-date,…

Maps for our robots

I have often wondered what could be the purpose of these mapping 3D models more and more accurate for major cities of the world (eg, Monaco, Geneva or Dubai). The level of detail provided by the standard City GML even imagine the level of detail taking into account the interior (Level Of Details-LOD4) architecture, street furniture, and even the vegetation with its growth and seasonal aspects . Applications in architecture and urban planning are obvious, but beyond … These models increasingly geographically and geometrically accurate (absolute GPS positioning errors of the edges and vertices of the order of 5 to 10cm…

Rapa Iti, the treasure Island (for a story teller)

Everyone knows the island of Rapa Nui (the “big”) also named Easter Island, but very few know the island of Rapa Iti (the “small”). This island worthy of inclusion in the best novels of Stevenson is the southernmost inhabited lands of French Polynesia. This extinct volcano has a deep bay and breathtaking steep reliefs, but no airfield. The 450 inhabitants of this island are so isolated that they have developed a language apart from the commonly shared tahitian language in Polynesia. One day a child was born in Luxeuil (France, Haute-Saône) who spoke a language that no one understood, even the most…

D3 Mapping Basics

Within this, 2nd basic D3 tutorial, I will show you how to combine D3 with Leaflet whereby each library can demonstrate its vantages! These will be the main topics: Set up a map using Leaflet Add an individual zoombar Show the center of the map Show the extent of the map Get a 1st impression of d3.scale() When you are not familiar with D3 or Leaflet I recommend you to apply these tutorials, previously: D3 Basics geoJSON & Leaflet Set up a map using Leaflet Let’s begin by setting up an html-file containing a very simple map. How this can…