Short Announcement: Leaflet 1.0

Leaflet is one of a kind in the list of javascript webmapping libraries. It was designed with simplicity, performance and usability in mind. Unfortunately the development seemed to have stopped for a while. This week Vladimir Agafonkin (the creator of Leaflet) released a Beta version of Leaflet 1.0

Leaflet 1.0

Leaflet Custom Markers
Leaflet is used by a variety of companies as their major mapping engine when it comes to the question “Where is my ‘stuff'”: Github, Facebook, Flickr and other big players! With Leaflet 1.0 we can see a leap in functionality of Leaflet and it will still be modular, small and easy to develop with
  • huge performance improvements, especially for vector layers
  • flyover animations
  • fractional zoom level support (map.setZoom(12.34))
  • better tile loading
  • support for multiple vector layer panes
  • better support for non-standard projections
  • more accessibility features
  • bugfixes and stability improvements
Of course Vladimir also added bugfixes and stability improvements. He presented his last efforts 2014 at JS.Geo:
Especially this new fly-to mode is a unique piece in my eyes and will probably flassh all the users known it from Google Earth. Let us hope that also all the great plugins will work with this new version!

Prior upgrading yur webmap to work with Leaflet 1.0 you should check the changelog. It’s not unlikely that you need to redefine some aspects of your current Leaflet 0.7.3 based webmap. Thank you Vladimir for this new version!
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