Short Announcement: New Sentinel Cloudless Atlas

Mapbox created a cloudless Landsat map in 2013. That was a huge step for all the webmapping enthusiasts as we got a composit image of the world with stunning ground resolution and still cloudless! Now EOX, a company based in Vienna, provided a similar product called Sentinel Cloudless. And it is “for free”.

The Sentinel Cloudless Map

At the very moment the map is shipped as WMTS and WMS service in both: 4326 and 3857. As Klas already described on his post, the 4326 dataset performs a bit better. The URLs are: for WMTS for WMS Keep in mind:
Whenever you use Sentinel-2 cloudless an attribution has to be provided. It shall read “Sentinel-2 cloudless – by EOX IT Services GmbH (Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2016 & 2017)” including the links as given here where possible.

Problems of Sentinel Cloudless

As a first look show the data is quite fine for the regions of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia: Yet you’ll also find some heavy stripping in different parts of the world: I observed another problem in my favourite working area in central Mongolia. Clouds were removed perfectly but you still see the shadows of clouds which is a bit confusing:
Cloud shadows in central Mongolia
Cloud shadows in central Mongolia


I like the service as it provides a great basemap with ground solution at about 15m and I am looking forward the proposed integration of new images.
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Marco Córdova
Marco Córdova
6 years ago

GREAT! Thanks for sharing.

6 years ago

weather the cloudless of Sentinel’s data set had been available for South East of Asia region?