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QGIS needs video tutorials to enable users to solve their problems with open source GIS. Please support my project qgis video tutor on startnext!

As I was teaching ArcGIS at the university I’ve got great responses for my video tutorials and It was always very helpful for myself to SEE people do things and not only read people do things. Especially when trying to figure out how a GUI works it is better to get a feeling for workflows by watching. So I decided to put my videos online and I was surprised how many people watch my videos and where they are from.

video channel youtube
viewers of videos and their location

An interesting fact of it is that the fifth place of visitor origin is Morocco with as many visitors as the United Kingdom. Keeping in mind that my channel mostly covers tutorials for expensive proprietary software it is very surprising to get so many response of less developed countries.
But lets be honest: it takes 2h to do a tutorial of 30mins.
I would like to go on with my tutorials but change the focus to the open source GIS QGIS. And to do this, I’ll need your support:

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment. And by doing so, maybe you are also interested in supporting my project on startnext which is a crowdsourcing platform.

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