Springerlink Downloader for Springer Books

Springer and the sword of VPN

Many universities own licenses to get access to the content of scientific oriented publishers. Using a VPN-tunnel every enrolled student every student has the possibility to explore this content online.
Sometimes you’ll find whole books online you would like to save locally maybe. This donwload isn’t that easy as each book is separated into chapters which needs to be downloaded seperately and merged by zusing some exterior program like pdfsam. It is not unlikely to own a whole bunch of pdfs without any order.

The mighty heroes

Once upon a time there was a guy called Sebastian who developed a nice and simple solutions for books that are published by springer at www.springerlink.com. It ran on every system and the only things you needed was the link regarding the book and a vpn-connection to your university. But then a major dragon appeared called “publisher rights” who forced our silent warrior to remove his development from the book of glory called “the internet”.

The unfinished story

But there was a follower called “mighty Milian”. He was with the forces of kingdom “Python” and came up with new solutions to “fight the dragon”
But despite all the glory: The golden rule of non-following Milian’s example is still valid.
Enjoy your books and libraries.

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