A lot of articles here at Digital Geography deal with maps and projections. You may have wondered how wrong the different map projections are or let’s say, what they lead us to think how big some areas on earth might be. Well, I can not tell you exactly, but the Mercator Puzzle gives you an idea on the errors that we need to deal with. Plus, it’s fun. Drag the outlines and fit them to countries: The Mercator Puzzle by Google. (To be honest, I expected myself to perform better…)

Published by Christoph Grützner

I studied Geophysics in Leipzig and did my PhD in Aachen. I worked as a post-doc at the Institute for Neotectonics and Natural Hazards at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. Currently I am a research associate at the University of Cambridge, working in the EwF Project on active tectonics of Central Asia. My research interests are active faults, paleoseismology, ancient earthquakes, and tectonic geomorphology.

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done 15 out of 15 😉


Me too, but it took some time!


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