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The co-founder of webkid.io and interactive developer Moritz Klack recently shared a tweet about the Pixel Map Generator which is a nice addition to my recent “comparison” of different web mapping tools like AGOL, cartoDB and others. So let’s check it out.

Pixel Map by amCharts

The Pixel Map Generator is created by amCharts and is a JS driven webpage with the aim to produce maps rather than to interact with your local/cloud data. It is built upon the product amMap from amCharts (you can download a free version of it and use amMap as well). But it does this beautifully:
pixel map generator example
Pixel Map Generator example
You can fill separate pixel as well as whole countries with colors of your choice, alter pixel sizes and forms a well as distances between pixel. Furthermore you can add markers lines or text labels…. Easy. One more Thing: You want to have B├ęzier curves instead of straight lines. It’s easy as 123! Unfortunately you can’t upload geojson files to be added to the webmap but the Pixel Map Generator is still in beta. So let us look forward to the next releases. If you’re more interested in “localization”: You can choose the country of interest as well ­čśë
Pixel Map Generator Example Germany
Pixel Map Generator example Germany

Pixel Map Generator: Exports

The best thing looking at the Pixel Map Generator are the export options:
  • SVG
  • HTML
  • Image
So it is more than easy to implement the produced map in your web content or the document of your choice :
Full example as PNG download
Full example as PNG download
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8 years ago

They could really use some other projections, though. It’s a shame they default that world projection.

8 years ago
Reply to  Tangnar

Greenland lobbying^^

4 years ago