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Due to our recent merge of and we asked ourselves: Wouldn’t it be great to have a view of the origin of visitors of the blog?
So where are they from?

Using the keyword “visitormap” on google you will find several links:,, und Each of them has its (dis-)advantages:
– very colourful, big selection of background maps, color- and shape selection to choose, con: only two resolutions available
– minimal design, small numbers of background maps, only two resolutions available as well, color- and shape selection to choose
– very few possibilities, flag counter can be customized
– both map and globe view is customizable, color- and shape selection to choose, many resolutions available, Flash and Java-versions available, in-depth statistics available,

After comparing those services we decided to stick with revolvermaps on The map is easily implementable with our grey-black colour scheme, orange points that are pulsating if there is a current visitor. What els do you need?
You would like to embed it on your own website? Create your own visitormap here.
So here some insights in our visitormap and some greetings to Daniel Seifert (Chemnitz) who has created this nice tool.

Our Revolvermap on
Hourly analysis on
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