Conference INTERGEO 2015

Last years INTERGEO in Berlin was an interesting experience for a newbie in the world of geodesy like I am. This year I will also attend the INTERGEO in Stuttgart. It will take place from the 15th to the 17th of September. This year’s main points:
The spotlight will be on Geospatial 4.0, the digital economy, transformation through digitization, big data, the Internet of Things, digital infrastructures and smart cities.
INTERGEO is all about “space”: gathering, storing, analyzing, sharing geo-data. Starting with state-of-the-art Laser Scanning (aerial and terrestrial) technologies, total stations, theodolite and (D)GPS, GNSS receiver and ending at cloud-based analytical software for your big-data problems INTERGEO is the place to be!


You can imagine that the current list of topics is huge and covers more than 100 bullet points… There are 534 exhibitors from 30 countries. Last year I realized that the Asian market is aware of the trade fair as well and I saw multiple exhibitors from China, Taiwan and South Korea. I am interested whether they will be as present as they were one year ago. If you plan to attend the INTERGEO next year as an exhibitor (and is thinking about it…) prices for a booth starts at approx. 200€ excl. taxes. Check out this raw impressions from the trade fair 2014:

INTERGEO for Students and Young Professionals

Yet I was quite “bored” when I watched the INTERGEO with the goggles of a “young visitor”. So if you are student and would like to get stunned by great stuff and interesting talks you might be a little disappointed. My opinion: The INTERGEO is a fair for professionals in first place. Yet there are possibilities to get into contact with a broad range of companies. I can also recommend the job board and the JobSHAKER event which starts everyday at 12:30 at the “Trend- and Media-Forum”. Additionally there will be an event called “Future Education?!” in the conference part of the INTERGEO. You can visit the INTERGEO with a small budget if you are a student for 10€. A “week pass” for normal visitors is 60€.

Digital-Geography.Com at INTERGEO 2015

I’ll be visiting the INTERGEO on Tuesday the 15th. So if you want to chat with a member of digital-geography, just send us a mail. But I’ll not only walking around in my shirt. at INTERGEO (HINTE GmbH/INTERGEO at INTERGEO (HINTE GmbH/INTERGEO
I was invited to a talk with the broad title “Geo-Business and Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs” by the German GeoBusiness Commission (a subsection of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy). The interview will take part on Tuesday at 2pm. So what is your reason to visit the INTERGEO? Shall we meet?
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8 years ago

Sorry for the confusion: In a first version of this article I said the INTERGEO would be in August. BUT: It takes place in September!