Author: PJ Hooker

I'm a Urban planner from Italy who deals with spatial data for over ten years and collaborates with local governments and professionals to improve public service and smart city. After studying at the University Nova in Lisbon and graduating from the Politecnico di Milano in urban planning, I adopted the use of GIS open source in the professional field as an alternative to proprietary software.
When we talk about free technology, OpenData, networks and geography on the web: I created the Linux User Group in Legnano and participate in the Italian community of OpenStreetMap. I am a trees mapper, sunday biker and instagrammer.

We are Linux

Proud of the Linux world

Sometimes I have something to tell, but also need to realize that it is not so easy to explain. How many times have you heard of Linux, or…
Interchange between the 3rd Ring Road and Airport Expressway.

What is better: a map or a picture?

I was reading an article entitled “China, the megalopolis of 110 million inhabitants that impresses the world” on a popular online journal (see article) and after a dozen…

Awesome map style

Awesome map style

Are you back from holiday? Maybe you switched from Casale Monferrato, Piedmont and have used the map of Monferrato Landscapes. If you were lucky, you see a new…