Vehicle tracking now also available for the trains of the German DB

I have to admit that I don’t know since when the Zugradar (train radar) of the Deutsche Bahn (DB) is online, but I found it per accident and I think it’s fun to play around with it. The DB commonly has a bad reputation because of the many delays, so here you can now see how many trains are actually moving and how fast they (sometimes) are. It’s possible to display long-distance trains (IC and ICE) as well as regional trains. Check out the high-speed train from Frankfurt Airport to Cologne, which goes with 300 km/h over almost the entire distance, pretty impressive!

Screenshot of the Zugradar by Deutsche Bahn. (Image source:
Screenshot of the Zugradar by Deutsche Bahn. (Image source:

Some of those live maps are not only useful, but also beautiful. Check for example Flightradar24, an airplane tracking service.  The map is simple and informative, and there is a lot of additional info available when you click the small planes.

More vehicle tracking sites:

Do you know about other tracking websites that we must see?

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Ron Filion
10 years ago

Real Time San Francisco Bay ship traffic

10 years ago

But I don’t see the DB -train from Dresden to Wroclaw??,
and in Poland nobady say that the DB has bad reputation:)

Bus radar Wroclaw