short announcement: area51 and geosciences

Most of our readers probably came along the sites of stackexchange or stackoverflow. But most questions regarding geosciences are discussed in local forums or with friends but not on an international level as far as I know. But here comes area51…

area51 with Geosciences
area51 with Geosciences

The area51 is an experimental site to see whether certain topics are active enough to get an own space on stackexchange. You can add some proposals here and Richard was so kind to add Geosciences. Despite a very long discussion if this includes Geography as well I think it will be good fo students and persons interested in geo-WHATEVER.
If you are interested in questions like:

  • What are some of the known biases of the current numerical weather models?
  • How do Milankovitch Cycles force atmospheric CO2 levels?
  • Are all granites formed in basically the same way, or are there multiple mechanisms that produce a granitic composition?
  • Why is pyroclastic flow so dangerous?
  • What is the difference between a Geologist and a Geophysicist?
  • What tools are there to read a [GeoTIFF,KML,FITS,CDF,NetCDF,HDF] file?

Geoscience@stackexchange shall be the place to go!

I personally like this idea as it can get a huge database of questions and answers. So create an account on stackexchange and commit to the area51 project Geoscience:

Link for Support

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