Maptime Berlin: what was/what will be

In the middle of September the first Maptime Berlin took place. I was totally amazed to see so many people sitting there, being interested in mapping, opensource, cartography and software. At least 40 people from different places of the world with different background (sociology, coding, styling, etc.) met at the Supermarkt Berlin (an open place to work together) to share their knowledge and learn new stuff. Here just a few photos:

What was done at MaptimeBER

After a short introduction from everyone Alsino presented what is Maptime all about: bringing people together, share the joy of creating and consuming maps distribute your knowledge about how to do stuff. So who was listening? There were people from the codeforberlin initiative, the HERE company, ESRI, opendata initiatives and the universities in and around Berlin. It was clear that Berlin is a hot spot for mapping, spatial coding and geosciences!

After this introductory talk Sebastian Meyer from the Potsdam University showed some stunning examples on map creation. Especially it’s Generative Marker Cluster strategy blew my mind:

What will be at MaptimeBER

The outcome of the first meeting was a tag cloud with interests and names:

tag cloud for MaptimeBER
As cartoDB also plans to build up an office in Berlin, we will hear and learn something about the usage of CartoDB for geospatial visualisations tomorrow the 14th of October. The event itself will be cosponsored by CartoDB. There are plans to publish MaptimeBER as recorded Hangout or to take part in it via Skype. But we will look in a bright future. Everyone in the region: come to MaptimeBER! It’s fun, interesting and also great to get in contact with companies and people who migt help you in your next project.

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Simon S.
9 years ago

Would be great to participate or follow via skype or later recording!

9 years ago

Cool, looking forward to reading a warp-up about the meeting!