FOSS4G is coming

Unfortunately we are German based and the travel cost will probably be higher than my monthly pocket money but maybe one of you would like to attend the FOSS4G conference from the 8th to 13th of September in beautiful Portland (Oregon). FOSS4G is the annual event of Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

FOSS4G Portland 2014
FOSS4G in Portland


Until the 15th of April you were able to submit papers and talks (link still available today) but looking at the schedule for the workshops it is a very broad field of topics. Until now there are approx. 45 workshops available e.g.:

  • From data to maps and services with MapStore, GeoServer GeoNetwork and CKAN
  • QGIS Plugin Development with PyQt4 and PyQGIS
  • QGIS for Analysts
  • HOT Activations: OpenStreetMap for Disaster Response
  • A Standard GeoSpatial Stack in The Cloud – look ma, no installs
  • TileMill Fundamentals
  • Versioning Spatial Data with GeoGit
  • Deploying INSPIRE Geoportals with GET SDI Portal
  • Better Planning In Case of Disaster: Introduction to Impact Modelling with InaSAFE

The whole conference will take place at the Portland State University and the Oregon Convention Center will last for 5 days. Mike Bostock will be a keynote speaker. Looking at his “portfolio” this might be an unorthodox choice as he is affiliated with the NY Times but he is also the creator of D3.js which ís one of the hottest javascript libraries availbale in the geo-visualisation industry and he also invented topoJSON which is a advanced version of geoJSON.

additional information

The prices range from 100$ for a half-day workshop event until 750$ for the full conference. You might register on a special site (link). Sponsors are:


esri_logo boundless_logo


cartodb_150x53 azavea

Will you attend?!

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