Maps of “Out of Eden Walk” by Paul Salopek (National Geographic)

Today I had the chance to attend a lecture by Paul Salopek in Tbilisi, Georgia. This lecture took me to the idea to write a short review about Paul Salopek and his project here on Digital-Geography because he mentioned several times that mapping his journey is one of his main goals.

Some would wonder now: Which journey? – I’ll tell you what’s about:

National Geographic (source: natgeo)

Paul Salopek is a journalist of National Geographic who is doing an amazing project at the moment. He is walking from the birthplace of humanity in Ethiopia at the pathways of human spreading around our globe for more than 7 years. As he mentioned today in his lecture, he started in January 2013 in Ethiopia and reached Tbilisi, Georgia, several days ago.

Out of eden walk
Out of eden walk (source: natgeo)

There are a variety of aims which keeps him motivated. First he wants to explore the spread of humans around our globe and the change of culture, language etc. by interviewing people on his way. Second, he is eager to document and share all with new media. Here we come back to the topic of digital-maps: Paul Salopek created several (story)maps which show different topics related to his work since he carry a GPS-receiver and tracks his pathway.

I find this storymap about Police Stops across his way very interessting (click the image for the interactive map):

Police stops (click the image for the interactive map)

 Furthermore you can join him on a walk through Jerusalem which is also an interessting storymap (click the image for the interactive map):

Walk through Jerusalem (click the image for the interactive map)

As he announced, some more mapping projects are planned for the future. I’m really looking forward to follow him on his way and see new maps. Why not follow him on twitter:



If you ever have the chance to meet him on his way, don’t hesitate to attend in one of his lectures like I did today:

Lecutre in Tbilisi, Georgia on 09/02/15
Lecutre in Tbilisi, Georgia on 09/02/15
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dentaku - でんたく
dentaku - でんたく
9 years ago

Great project. Thanks for sharing.

Simon S.
9 years ago

I’m happy that you like it! Thanks!