LTE: Link to Earth OS

LTE is the new OS available in a beta version for all geoscientists and interested fellows. But stay calm…

There is a huge need for scientists, students and institutions for reliable, free and well documented programs in geo-related applications. So what’s better then to use Ubuntu. Actually this is a good solution as Ubuntu provides not only the biggest Linux distribution but also one with special releases called LTS which stands for Long Term Support. So you can be sure to use it longer than only two years…

But one downpart was the implementation of other geo-related software. There was once a project called “geobuntu” ( you can find a review in German here ) which tried to repack all the software that matters to a geographer into one stable package based on Xubuntu. Unfortunately this package isn’t supported anymore.

So the guys from decided to build their own.And this is inside this nice little package:

geo-related software

  • Quantum GIS (QGis) – desktop-GIS with GRASS-extension
  • GRASS Gis – backend-GIS
  • Octave – statistics-software (Matlab equivalent, IMO Matlab wannabe)
  • R – huge statistics-software with thousands of additional packages
  • R Studio – frontend for R
  • Tilemill – editor for webmaps
  • Marble – virtual globe

general software

  • Firefox – webbrowser
  • Thunderbird – eMail-client
  • LibreOffice – office package
  • LaTeX – typesetting program
  • Gummi – latex editor
  • Pybliographer – reference-editor for latex
  • Gedit – editor
  • GIMP – photoshop equivalent
  • InkScape – illustrator equivalent
  • many more….

Interested? You can try the OS without a complicated and risky installation as well by using it on a pendrive or starting it right from the DVD.

Feel fre to download it here:

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