Google Earth Pro is now for free!

Google recently made an announcement that left me very happy: Google Earth Pro, the enhanced version of the world’s most popular digital globe, is now available for free. The software comes with some additional features compared to classical GoogleEarth and used to be $400 per year – actually many users paid because the benefit was huge. Now all you have to do is to register, get a free key, and download the software. If registration doesn’t work for you, don’t worry and don’t give up. It didn’t work for me when I tried first, the next day I tried again and everything was fine. Anyway, why should you get GE Pro? These are the most important features for me:

  • Enhanced ability to import GIS data;
  • Enhanced ability to import GPS data;
  • Real-time GPS options;
  • Customized maps (add legend, hide/show northing arrow and scale, add titles, etc.);
  • Export high-res imagery (!);
  • Data-to-table options;
  • More measurement options (area, perimeter etc.);
  • Regionate data for faster use and better visibility.

Also, it comes with a built-in movie maker. I didn’t explore this option yet, but it might turn out to be helpful.

Easy measurements - yeah!
Easy measurements – yeah!
GE Pro example
Exporting high-res customized maps – yeah!

Let’s hope that Google will continue to provide this helpful software for free…

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