Digital Geography 2.0: a raffle

Digital Geography is online since august 2012. We had an extremely successful year since then. As we are planning to move to a new server with a new template and a better multi-language support based on WordPress we are now discussing header images. Now it’s your turn. We’re giving away a t-shirt! What do you need to do?

In our geoscientists group on Facebook we are collecting header images which could serve as a representation of what is about: GIS, WebMapping, Cartography, data, open source and many more.

What do you need to do?

  1. create an image which respects the tags of digital-geography with a size of 2000*300 px
  2. join the Facebook group of geoscientists
  3. upload the picture to the raffle folder in the group
  4. Give it a individual name
  5. vote for it on the survey in the timeline of the group with the individual name

The uploader with most votes will get a shirt in the color of his choice from our support shop for free:

T-shirt, spreadshirt, digital-geography
T-Shirts from Spreadshirt

Good luck!

As a guideline: See our first attempt here:

header file blog, layout the new header file

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