Pokémon Go: 3 Maps to find Pokémon easily

Until now I tried to ignore the worldwide Pokémon Go hype. But as the mobile game consists more or less of a map and some geo-related content, we should mention it here on Digital-Geography.com. Produced by Niantic, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game where the player can gather or breed Pokémon and fight against other players on real world map. Some functionalities are also just working when you are walking, so that it’s important to stay outside, which could have a positive impact on health of video gamers 🙂 Here you can download the Pokémon Go app for iOS or Android.
A main goal of the game is to find strong Pokémon and other relevant locations such as arenas, Pokémon eggs and Pokéballs. To be prepared for your Pokémon-journey you should check out those maps to don’t proceed uncontrolled, rather be effective when playing outside.


POKÉVISION is a interactive map tracker for Pokémon. Just click on a spot on the map and get a view of all Pokémon in the near with a timecounter how long they will be available at their spot.

POKÉVISION start screen
POKÉVISION start screen

2. Pokémapper

Pokémapper shows also all Pokémon spots. For easy usage you can create your own map for your region to be prepared if some important items will spawn in your surrounding.
Pokèradar start screen

3. Pokèradar

Pokèradar should be a really helpful app solution for finding Pokémon when you’re outside. Just open the app, filter for your favorite Pokémon and get a map marker for the place to catch it.


If you know additional ways to find Pokèmon via map solutions, please give me a comment.

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7 years ago

I like Pokemon calculator app too This calculator is calculate CP of Pokemon so we know of power of Pokemon and also how much XP gain after Lucky eggs…also we got strength and weakness of Pokemon…this calculator to get all things which one we want

Aaron Walker
Aaron Walker
7 years ago

I want to download Pokemon, but its not available in my country. can you explain me how to download it.