INSPIRE conference wants your ideas and works

Aalborg in Denmark will be a place to be in the middle of June as INSPIRE rocks the city. The initiative “Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community” commonly known as INSPIRE will have their annual meeting/conference in the northern part of Denmark.

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Since 2007 the INSPIRE initiative have this kind of meeting and this years programme will cover:

  • implementation of environment law
  • integration of environmental concern in other policy areas
  • climate change policy
  • specific environmental policy areas (e.g. marine, arctic, freshwater, noise, air …)
  • environment-related threats to health
  • reduction of environmental risk and management of natural disasters
  • sustainable resource-efficiency and low-carbon growth
  • urban and rural sustainability (Smart cities, Smart rural)
  • public participation for social equity and environmental justice
  • energy efficiency
  • innovation and growth in the private sector and economy
  • education and research
  • Open Data + Copernicus + Social and Sensor Networks = Big Data?
  • costs/benefits and impacts of implementing
  • tales from implementation
  • technologies, methods and tools required to deliver
  • apps for Innovation – Short demonstrations
  • capacity building
  • the future of : Governance, policy and technology
  • Data and Service Sharing
  • Integrating eGovernment

The conference starts on 16th of June with 2 days of workshops which are included in the registration fee of 150€ but there is currently no workshop plan available. The whole event will end on the 20th of June.

There is still the possibility to submit your talk or paper till the 14th of March.

If you just want to make a statement on INSPIRE and its footprint you can use this public consultation paper till the 24th of February.

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