TimeScale Creator – stratigraphic tables made easy!

Recently I found a nice tool that generates stratigraphic tables (geology) for free. TimeScale Creator is Java-based (works with Win, Linux and MacOS) and allows you to compose individual stratigraphic tables and show off also with your own data. 

Furthermore it’s possible to generate scales of geomagnetism, sealevel-changes and much more. A really good possibility to arrange your own data in comparison to other stratigraphic events. You only have to download the creator from here and start your own stratigraphic buildup.

Here’s my first try:


What do you think about?

That’s how it works:

TimeScale Creator Overview
TimeScale Creator Overview

Here’s some other example:

Beispielergebnis aus dem TimeScale Creator
Beispielergebnis aus dem TimeScale Creator

More information:


Tutorial for TimeScale Creator:


If you need a short introduction to create strategraphic tables:

function overview
guided tour

Here you get to the homepage of TimeScale creator.

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