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Happy B-Day QGIS2leaf

When I started to work on QGIS2leaf about one year ago it was a nice idea and my first real dive into Python programming and using the possibilities…

QGis Tutorial: webmap creation with QGis, QGis2leaf and MMQGIS

This tutorial will explain you how to create your own, interactive webmap in a fast and easy way! Such webmaps are used zo visualize e.g. adresses on digital maps. I’m using QGis 2.4 + Qgis Plugin Qgis2Leaf, google spreadsheet and a macro, wich I’ll tell you later about.

Top 5 QGIS Plugins

I have been using QGIS 2.2 for most of my GIS work for about 3 months now, so I have noticed that I keep on using some plugins…

custom icons in leaflet

The new version of qgis2leaf

The last post about our famous qgis2leaf plugin showed a glimpse of what it is capable of: exporting all your features from a QGIS project to a working…