Free Data and Maps from the European Environment Agency (EEA)

Behind this heading a real highlight is waiting. The European Environment Agency offers a massive amount of interesting datasets touching different themes of europe and the world. Additional to infographics, charts and much more, you can find interactive material about the latest environmental developements in europe. Nearly all datasets are free available.

Thematisch deckt das Angebot der EEA unter anderem folgende Bereiche ab:

  • air pollution
  • biodiversity
  • water
  • transportation
  • landuse
  • climate change
  • …many more

If you are looking for informations and data about the region of europe, you Wer also Informationen und Daten zu Themen im Raum Europa sucht wird hier fündig.

Here is the link to the data and maps section oft the EEA:

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11 years ago

Hey all, thanks for writing this instresting blog that I’ve been reading for some time now! After long years of treasure keeping the idea of open access to geo data is expanding quite a lot lateley. You already mentioned the GeoZG [1] providing access to data owned by the German Federal government. But also the state of Baden-Württemberg offers geodata under the CC-BY license by now [2]. Iceland is up to date on this as well [3] and so is Denmark [4] – they released their geospatial raw material in January! So for Germany lets hope that more States turn… Read more »

11 years ago

Hi Jakob,

actually I’ll be submitting a conference contribution on this in the summer. Maybe we make a blog post from the abstract too and/or link on it?