The QGIS survey needs input!

The free and open source gis QGIS started an user survey on its online webpage. The project needs your input to get the best necessary community information for prioritising future adjustments and developments.

I use Qgis nearly every day and it’s astonishing how active the qgis community is. Short release cycles and a broad world of plugins makes qgis really interesting for many companies and students worldwide.

See what the QGIS survey asks and which top answers are.

As a QGIS user, I consider myself a…

Regular user 48.7 %

I use QGIS

Several times a week 38.7 %

How well does QGIS meet your needs as a general purpose GIS?

QGIS allows me to carry out most of my critical tasks, occasionally I need to use other software 65.2 %

What domain / industry do you work in?

private consulting company 34.5 %

Approximately how many people in your organisation use QGIS?

several answers

Which version of QGIS do you most regularly use?

NON LTR release 40.1 %

Which version of QGIS do you recommend to other users?

Current release 46.8 %

I currently use this QGIS version for my production work

QGIS 2.10 52.5 %

How often do you think LTR QGIS versions should be made?

Every year 58.5 %

How long do you think LTR (Long Term Release) versions of QGIS should be supported for?

2 years 40.3 %

How often do you think non LTR releases of QGIS should be made?

Every 4 months (current system) 41.1 %

How often do you use the QGIS documentation?

Occasionally 59.2 %

How frequently do you think documentation should be updated?

Rolling updates – documentation should be required to accompany all new features 42.8 %

When I get stuck using QGIS, I….

ask on stackoverflow 26.9 %

In terms of software development with QGIS, I…

Occasionally write python scripts and expressions 82.5 %

Take part in the user survey.

Here you get to the current answer statistics. In the following I’ll show you some stats from today in detail.

Current survey report.
Current survey report.
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Luigi Pirelli
Luigi Pirelli
8 years ago

can you explain this fact that for me is strange. Mainly users uses and recommend current version, but they want LTR every year maintained for two years. You are one of this users, can you better explain this?

regards, Luigi pirelli

8 years ago
Reply to  Luigi Pirelli

looking at it from a consultancy side it is crucial to be part of te recent activities, test them and also judge them. But when I am looking at a customer who might be sitting in a very strict environment it is very important to offer a LTR version! Additionally I think most of QGIS users are users with a strong connection to QGIS and want QGIS to grow and evolve. It is very important to have a LTR version for professionals! Look at Ubuntu… same idea: make it stable for a long period attracts even whole municipalities to switch… Read more »

Nicholas Duggan
8 years ago

It would appear that most of the QGIS users are developers (not one non-coder on that list), hence the want for LTR but using the current version?