QGis 2.0 – the new features

Thanks to Nathan, Anita Graser and Tim Sutton, who already wrote about new features of the new QGis-Release 2.0. The release date isn’t published yet, but we think it should be in the next months.
In this article I will list some awesome new features, that will push QGis on a new level if professionality.


  • really extended composer functions to design your map-results
  • Atlas integration
  • improved python console
  • implementation of sextante
  • form related features

More informations about that point you will find on Nathans QGis blog.


Anita Graser already described some of the new composer features:
Rulers and alignments
Map grids
HTML labels
Overview Maps
Multi-column legends
and more…

I’m looking forward to install QGis 2.0 and show you some of these new functions on digital-geography.com.

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