Digital Geography

georeferencing images in QGIS using OSM data: how to distort the City

You probably already referenced maps with written coordinates but using photos or images is a little different as you need some characteristic points so you can control the position of the image according to the real world. In this little tutorial I’ll show you how to do a so-called image to image refernciation using Open Streetmap data and QGIS 2.0.1 Dufour.

ArcGIS tutorial 1: how to georeference a map

ArcGIS is a geographic-information-system (GIS) developed by ESRI. Being widely used and the sheer amount of functions and add-ons are maybe the important causes for being a big-player at universities as well. Therefore we will present you some basic tutorials for learning an enjoying ArcGIS: Tutorial 1: how to georeference a scanned map in ArcGIS? objective To connect a scanned map with other geographical data the map needs to be refrenced. This meens, that every pixel in the scanned image gets a new dimension: besides its location in the image (e.g. 326th pixel from left and 124th pixel from theā€¦