Digital Geography

ArcGIS tutorial 1: how to georeference a map

ArcGIS is a geographic-information-system (GIS) developed by ESRI. Being widely used and the sheer amount of functions and add-ons are maybe the important causes for being a big-player at universities as well. Therefore we will present you some basic tutorials for learning an enjoying ArcGIS: Tutorial 1: how to georeference a scanned map in ArcGIS? objective To connect a scanned map with other geographical data the map needs to be refrenced. This meens, that every pixel in the scanned image gets a new dimension: besides its location in the image (e.g. 326th pixel from left and 124th pixel from the…

where are your customers?

I think there are pleanty of companies which store customer informations in some sort of a database or even in a plain excel-sheet to stay a little organized in their daily work. This could be convenient for them but I would love to see some maps, where are my customers from and where are dense areas of origin. This could increase my impressions using advertisement or I can adress customers with special offers that rely on their adress. In the next days I will create a little tool that will automatically scan your customer database, transform the the results in…

geocoding adresses

One thing I have never kept in mind is the divergence on how shops and agencies store their adresses (more or less like John Doe, 123, Main Street, Anytown, U.S.A ) and the way we store our point-informations (103°E, 45°N). So one problem is,to bring these both things together. YOu cannot do this straightforward because you need some kind of reference like a georeferenced and digitized or u use such thing like the googlemaps-API. ArcGIS is also capable of translating this information into points. Just watch the following tutorial and I’ll show you how: