Short Note: CodingBat or Python, stupid!

Currently I am trying to improve my coding skills in Python. Of course you can read some books, attend some Udemy course but in the end it boils down to practical training. Codeacademy is most likely the first place to go to for practical learning. Now there is a new, quite un-fancy boy in town: CodingBat


CodingBat is simple webpage: sections with exercises for both Java and Python, small quizzes and the goal is to find the best code to solve the problem.
Quizzes at CodingBat
Quizzes at CodingBat
In the end the goal is not only to fulfill the quiz but also to compare your results with optimized code. This created an interesting “look here stupid!” feeling on my side in the first quizzes already. Sometimes, the solutions are so beautiful and simple. Especially for a hobby-coder like I am:
one short quiz
one short quiz
But, these quizzes put you in a permanent “let’s solve this” attitude and are appealing as well. So, let’s go back to the site and try harder…
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