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First of all: thank you for your visit. If you come frequently here, you may have noticed it already maybe. We have switched to a new server with a fresh design. The main reason for doing so? Let’s be honest we have found a great PHP developer, and it’s boring to see our blog on a 27″ screen and scrolling down the long way. So let us introduce you the new functions:

multi language support

At the moment we have articles in English, German and French. The new Digital Geography detects your browser language and directs you to either the German or French side but If it does not know how to handle it, to the English side as this is our default. You can switch the language on the start page as there are just a few articles available in both or in all three languages.

language option
change language easily

full width support

job map full page
full width page of our job map

The whole page support high definition screens and automatically adjust its width to the screen using nice PHP and CSS. This means we support your fancy mac with 4k display as well as your good old IBM X61. Furthermore we offer some pages in a full width template without sidebars. Especially for our page with embedded maps this is a good alternative. For normal posts we have a book-like reading scheme on wide screens:

wide screen single article
full width book-style for wide screens


Hell yeah! We hated the way Digital Geography looked on a mobile as we didn’t supported it. The new theme have full mobile devices support. So read our articles on a tablet or your mobile device without zooming in. Langauge detection is included as well. If you miss the language switcher: it is located in the lower part of the screen as all the sidebar elements will be distributed over the available browser screen:

mobile iOS
mobile version of

new job site

As we are based in Germany we created a job site for German based GIS jobs. This side is visited very often so we decided to create an English version of it. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to crawl international jobs as well. But if you own a company or you know about an open position in the States, Laos, French Guiana, Russia or wherever you like: drop us a line and use our form on the international job page.

the authors

We started this short overview with the readers but lets look at the authors. The authors write in their spare time very god and interesting tutorials, software reviews, gather data links and share their knowledge with our readers for free. Our new Theme supports them with a special area on the side of an article where you find a little picture of him or her and some links to their connected websites (Twitter, Facebook and so on):

author description digital geography
author area on each post

discussion on Digital Geography

We had a lot of problems with spammers in the last version of our home page so we decided to close comments after 14 days. Now we are using disqus as the discussion platform which looks much better and is easier for the user to use. Now you can disqus also the old articles again ;-):

disqus discussion on digital geography
disqus discussion system on

a big applause

Who made this possible?! It was Danijar Hafner, a student at the HPI in Potsdam , who founded Quiteworks and is our backup for PHP, CSS, JS, JQUERY and other programming problems. He is on github, was a finalist at 2012th Google Science Fair and can be contacted via LinkedIn


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