Author: Simon

I'm a PhD-student at the University of Basel in Switzerland in the area of environmental geoscience. My project is about soil erosion modelling and risk assessment in the swiss alps.
I studied at the universities of Hamburg, Braganca, Lisbon, Halle (Saale) and Leipzig where I did my M. Sc. Physical Geography / Geoecology.
My focus is on soil science especially soil erosion and digital geography.

Soil Atlas and Soil Data

If you are working on European soils, I’m sure you already know the website of the European Union Joint Research Center, the so called ‘European Soil Portal‘. If…

Using OpenStreetMap on your GARMIN

Since most people working with digital-data they are always interested in obtaining their own data using a Global Positioning System (GPS). Therefore I’ll give a short introduction for all…


ILWIS GIS – Tutorial I [Introduction]

Today I’ll start with a new series of tutorials for an open Source GIS called “ILWIS GIS“. ILWIS is the short term for “Integrated Land and Water Information System”…