Digital Geography

HERE maps: Free navigation apps for web and smartphones

Navigating from a to b is really easy today. Once you have a power connector in your car (bike, bicycle, scooter or whatever) and a mounting point, smartphones are absolutely comparable with common navigation units for vehicles. App sharing onto new car infotainment systems makes it easy to choose your preferred navigation software also in current car models, if you’re not satisfied with the build in software. Also on your desktop many applications will guide you to your preferred destination. It’s time to check out the current navigation solutions on the market.

WhereCamp Berlin 2014

Over the last three years WhereCamp Berlin became the biggest event of it’s kind in the world. Around 200 people joined the 2013 session and enjoyed the barcamp styled sessions. For this year the organizing team came up with some refreshing innovations. The whole event will last 3 entire days, 13th (Thu.) till the 15th (Sat.) of November. The first event highlight is the opening key-note by Steve Coast, the founder of OpenStreetMap (OSM). The rest of Thursday is dedicated to a conference track with the headline “Navigation and Local Intelligence”. The set of speakers will be announced soon on the official…