Digital Geography

Vagrant: Setup and Share your Digital Geo-Lab

In one of my last posts I described the installation of a git server to improve collaborative work in closed environments. But developing solutions can be a pain in the axxxx if you need deal with user/OS dependent issues all the time. So let me introduce you to Vagrant: Vagrant is an open-source software product for building and maintaining portable virtual development environments.

Off Topic: self hosted GIT-server with Bonobo

This might be a bit off-topic for some of you but it was on my desk recently. Furthermore I think this might be interesting for GEO/GIS folks as well: host your own GIT. With GIT your efforts on working together on documents or solutions might be a bit easier. Normally we use GitHub: GitHub is a web-based Git or version control repository and Internet hosting service If you don’t know what GIT/GitHub is about: But what if you have just limited access to the outer world in terms of policies, compliance or just a “bad feeling” in storing/sharing your data,…

short announcement: QGIS 2.0 is going live soon!

As I came across some posts from @qgiswatch I was very excited as it stated that there are some changes in the GIT of QGIS that looks just like minor changes but in fact we are near the point of an official QGIS 2.0 release. This was somehow confirmed by the comment of QGIS on their facebook page: “The code has been branched for 2.0. We are working on the final bits like change logs, website updates, and docs. A release will follow very soon. Keep an eye out here, twitter, and the mailing lists for the announcement.” (Link). Please…