Digital Geography

Determine the center of the world!

What has been a disc before, where seamen teetered on the brink of the abyss, you will now find two dimensional world maps, putting the observer in the central point. World maps like this have been developed within the last 1.5 years in the University of Applied Science in Berne. By using the publicly available software – – unconventional world maps can be generated through various applications (Da Vinci, Tourist, Journalist).

Create your own worldmap:

The “Viewpoints” project explores the aesthetic question whether there is a parameter-based method for generating unconventional maps of the world that do justice to the thematic context in which they appear. For this purpose a  project-specific software is developed. So far, map production by means of projection has been governed by certain rules that determine the geographical area depicted at the centre of the map. With conventional world maps, the horizontal centre is usually made up by the equator. The project software enables the generation and design of wholly new and unconventional varieties of world maps in simple and structured…