Digital Geography

Query OpenStreetMap in ArcGIS: OSMQuery

QUickOSM is my weapon of choice when it comes to downloading data from OSM in QGIS. The tool offers an easy way to access tag/key combinations with a designated spatial query. As I was asked how many bus stops Berlin has, I was interested in a similar approach for ArcGIS. So I created my own little tool: OSMQuery.

short announcement: TopoToolbox 2: Geomorphometry made easy in MATLAB

< p align=”justify”>Digital elevation models (DEMs) exist today for the entire globe with consistent quality. Improvements in sensors and data processing give a clue that in the future elevation data will be available in even better spatial resolution and accuracy. Discovering the richness of information inherent in DEMs should thus be supported by good software. Here, I want to give a brief account of TopoToolbox 2, the second version of a MATLAB toolbox for exploring and analyzing DEMs. Dirk Scherler from Caltech and I have been working on many changes to the previous version to make TopoToolbox faster, more memory‚Ķ