Digital Geography

short announcement: learn to map with cartoDB

Dear folks, most of you probably know how to map things using software on your pc. Some of you might also know cartoDB. We like their service as our job-page here on is based on their tables, API and GeoJSON export functionalities. Additionally it’s for free (with some limitations)… The guys from CartoDB now offer an online learning event which will give newbies the chance to map their data in a very interesting online mapping engine.

a web-map with OpenLayers (part 3)

In the first two parts in our series on “getting to know openlayers” we concentrated on the question on layer consumption in form of basemaps and labels. We will enhance this a little in this tutorial. First of all we will use the famous modis products to serve our webmap, we will adjust the visible area of our web-map, set different parameters regarding the initial look and feel of our web-map and distribute it through our webpage. if you are not familiar with the initial frame in our html-document see this page. First of all we will use this famous…